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The concept for ZaryzzA Maternity Collection was borne out of sheer necessity. After enduring a particularly uncomfortable pregnancy, with constant back pain and unable to find a maternity belt which offered sufficient back support, as well as a comfortable fit, our co-founder decided to take matters into her own hands, by designing a maternity belt to target and fix all the annoying problems of existing similar products.

  • Zaryzza maternity belt gently lifts the abdominal area to reduce pressure on the lower back, relieving your back pain and alleviating a lot of the tiredness and the muscle fatigue your body is facing.
  • Provides support to your baby bump so that your body can put more energy into keeping a good posture and reduces overall aches and pains.
  • Thanks to the velcro straps, this band is fully adjustable to accommodate size changes and can be used as post pregnancy belt as well. It fits up to a size 22 (US) or 48″ belly circumference.
  • It has a practical design so you can adjust the band with no extra help, perfectly comfortable for everyday use and unnoticeable under clothes.
  • Hand washable.
  • Our pregnancy belt comes with a nice packaging and a detailed instructions manual.

Maternity Belt - Pink

Maternity Belt - Beige


Things to Know

We know that pregnancy is hard on your body! As your belly grows, your body changes in multiple ways to make room for the baby. This is exciting, yet as your belly gets bigger your back must do more work to support the baby. And we are here to kelp!

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